Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ADDS New Business

Over 80% of B2C & B2B consumers are going online to do research on search engines, like Google, before buying a product or service.

NOTE: In 2016 Google handled 76% of all desktop search traffic, and over 94% of all mobile/tablet search traffic GLOBALLY.

“More Customers” Means More Business!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will increase your website traffic, bringing you in contact with the RIGHT people – those looking for your products and services.  This means new potential customers!

This is the primary benefit of search engine optimization


of consumers are conducting a local search for a store within five miles & 1/3 of smartphone searches are made just before a store visit. (Google)


said lead generation was the most important goal for Internet marketing in 2016.
(Source: Content Marketing Institute)

SEO Boost Is Very Cost Effective

Our team of professionals will help you maximize the available ROI from your SEO investment. Today, it is important that you get ahead of your competition and gain high natural search engine rankings for keywords important to your business.

Gaining a positive influence from search engines is the primary purpose of SEO. Knowing popular search terms is a good start, however increasing your site traffic requires research and planning. This research is done by SEO Boost Professionals who focus on helping you reach your target market. We make sure this process is done skillfully so that the quality of your website traffic increases.

  • Increase Your Presence at the top of the Search Engine Rankings (SERP’s) and become an online authority
  • Increase website traffic by attracting people who are searching for your products & services online
  • Increase Incoming phone calls and sales leads
  • Dominate Local Search Results
  • Sell directly online
Naturally, we monitor results to ensure maximum ROI

Put SEO Boost to Work For Your Growth

We start by evaluating your marketplace and competitors online. Then, we develop an online strategy that will optimize your website for specific keywords and phrases. Various SEO tactics are employed, including content optimization, interlinking, external links, blogging, and others – depending on your marketplace and business goals.

Focus on User Needs to Increase ROI

Both businesses and Search Engines such as Google, strive to provide the best experience for their customers. It is becoming more important than ever to attract the right website traffic Vs. the most website traffic in order for search engines to consistently provide high natural rankings. In other words, your website must appeal to the target audience.

Furthermore, a comprehensive approach is required for online marketing campaigns to achieve maximum results. Your information can be seen by potential customers at strategic times through different channels, such as web searches, online display networks, referral websites and social media. All of this ensures exposure on multiple levels, which creates multiple touch points.

52% of mobile users consider the physical address to be the most important piece of information on a local business website and 47% said that map/driving directions are most important. 44% say opening hours are most important & 37% say a phone number according to May 2015 Survey by BrightLocal. (Source: BrightLocal)

This means creating professional websites to address user needs, while providing a strong SEO backbone for search engine recognition

Know your audience –  speak to their needs and knowledge level.
Use effective language when writing content.  Make it engaging

Focus your research on topics that relate to the content.
Keywords alone are not effective.

Pay attention to which phrases are ranking higher.
Know why these keywords are important to your target demographic.

Selecting Keywords

Selecting your keywords is the first step. You need to decide which keywords are most important to your organization for gaining the right type of website traffic. There are many keywords to choose from and helping you select the right ones is an important part of what we do. Our goal is to identify both product and information keywords that are used by your target markets when they conduct searches.

Website Review

Search engines must be able to read your website pages properly BEFORE considering them as relevant for ranking. As a result, we conduct a review to ensure that your website can be read properly by search engines. The website review leads to “On Page” adjustments that are required in order for a website to be read properly and gain better recognition at the major search engines, especially Google.

Ongoing Work

This activity–commonly called “Off Page” SEO work–helps your website become popular with search engines so that your website rank well for specific keywords. You may consider “Off Page” SEO work to be an online public relations activity aimed at making your website popular, which helps provide your website with high rankings.

In the past, smaller articles containing only 200 to 250 words were used to support SEO keywords.

In 2017 the size of these supporting SEO articles has increased significantly, reaching 750 to 2,500 words.