Pay Per Click (PPC) Provides Immediate Results

The ability to send people who are interested in your products and services directly to your website is a tremendous marketing benefit.

NOTE: In 2016 Google was estimated to generate $63.11 billion in net digital ad revenues worldwide, an increase of 19.0% over 2015. That represents 32.4% of the worldwide digital ad market, which in 2016 is expected to be worth $229.25 billion. (Source: eMarketer, 2016)

Advantages To Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

When done properly, Pay Per Click Marketing can complement your organic optimization program by taking advantage of money keywords. Paid Search or “Pay Per Click” (PPC) marketing allows you to place ads with the major search engines under specific search terms often called ‘MONEY KEYWORDS’. Every time an individual clicks’ on your ad, they go directly to your website.  

Ad Budget Control

You control the advertising budget, and the more you spend, the more quality leads are generated. Adjusting your ad copy for specific target markets allows you to tailor your message for different groups of potential customers.

Pay for Performance

One of the most important advantages of PPC adverting is Pay for Performance, which means you ONLY pay for traffic that comes to your website. Impressions are FREE. This makes PPC advertising a true turning point in the history of advertising.

Did you know?

55% of searchers don’t know which links in the Search Engine Results pages are PPC ads, according to a new survey.

50% of users shown a Search engine Results page screenshot could not identify paid ads.

(Source: Search Engine Watch, 2016)

Professional PPC Management Maximizes ROI

Professional Management has proven to maximize the value from PPC advertising by:

  • Increasing Targeted Website Traffic
  • Increasing MONEY KEYWORD Conversion Through Landing Page Development
  • Reducing Your Bounce Rate
  • Lowering Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Improving Your Quality Score

We Ensure PPC Works For You by Providing the following services:

  • Evaluate your keywords and competition online
  • Develop a PPC program to support your online strategy
  • Select MONEY KEYWORDS that will increase QUALITY SALES LEADS
  • Optimize your landing Pages to reduce the bounce rate
  • Gain the lowest Cost Per Click & highest conversion rates